Alena’s Boutique & Bridal

When the International Avenue BRZ first welcomed Alena’s Boutique and Bridal to the community, we had no idea just what an international hotspot the store would be.

Alena’s Boutique and Bridal is located on 17 Avenue SE, otherwise known as International Avenue, at 4520 17 Ave SE. Although the specific location of the store is in Calgary, the owners, products and consumers are all of global stature. The owners, Scott and Suzanne Chybli, are constantly travelling across the globe making connections, growing their customer base and finding clothing and items with a distinct international flare.

The store offers a wide variety of Islamic fashion items, such as abayas, scarves and hijabs. Alena’s also carries wedding gowns, formalwear, shape wear, lingerie, and vintage dresses. All of her products are offered in brilliant, many different sizes, and are customizable to cater to each woman individually. Suzanne Chybli fills her stores with clothing from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, to name a few, giving Alena’s Boutique and Bridal items that sparkle with different global perspectives.

The idea for Alena’s came after owner Suzanne was continually disappointed with Calgary’s selection of conservative wear for weddings, formal events work and everyday life. “Just because a women wants to dress conservative, doesn’t mean she wants to dress boring. There is so much colour and vibrancy in conservative clothing from around the world, and I love to bring it to Calgary.” Alena said.

With 65,000 likes on Facebook, a new website on the way with international shipping options, and the best customer service, Alena’s Boutique and Bridal is a gem for Calgary’s fashion scene.