Art Box on 17 E – Grand Opening

Big changes are happening at the site of the old Mill’s Paint building, located at 1807, 42 Street SE.

The site has been vacant for a number of years now, so the International Avenue BRZ and Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA), have decided to put the site to good use as an “arts pop-up.”  The arts pop-up is a temporary fixture that we believe will put life into the site and help to drive the revitalization process by bringing the arts community to International Avenue. It’s a win-win situation, as the space will also bring arts and culture to the street, providing studios along with a space for established and emerging artists to display their artwork. The Art Box on 17E will also host theatrical performances and much more.

An official launch of the “Art Box on 17E” will be held on Thursday,October 3 at 6:30 p.m.(rsvp only), where artists can learn more about accessing the space along with some of CADA’s funding opportunities. Click here for Grand Opening invitation.
The other goal is to create an artist hub where vitality and artistic talent can flourish in east Calgary, building a platform for the team who are attempting to fundraise to build a performance arts centre at 26 Street and 17th Avenue SE. (See International Arts and Culture Centre for more.)

And to warm up to the Grand Opening, there are already a number of activities that have taken place.  I-Robot, a production by Swallow-a Bicycle theatre, amazed audiences from September 11 – 22.    Other theatre companies have also expressed interest and we are excited to learn about the many talented people that live in the community and have ideas for transforming spaces.   For more information please call the International Avenue BRZ office at 403-248-7288 or like us on facebook for more updates.

The International Avenue BRZ is a non-profit corporation formed by the business  community to improve, and revitalize the area.  They are funded by a levy on all businesses in the area with a budget set by the business community. The mission of the BRZ is to promote, improve and create a more pleasant community in which to shop and live.