GreenTRIP: This is Happening!


Today, the Government of Alberta provided a cheque to the City for the improvements for transit corridors and International Avenue under GreenTRIP funding. This is a great day for the environment, a great day for transit use, a great day for Calgary and a great day for the revitalization efforts in GFL and International Avenue. This is a very exciting moment in International Avenue and GFL history. Many years we have been waiting and advocating on your behalf. This will see the eventual transformation for this community.

Thanks to the City of Calgary and to the Government of Alberta for the fortitude to move ahead with this funding for the betterment of all the people of Calgary and especially those who live and work and play on 17 Ave SE. It’s a bright future.

We had some concerns that the road would be too wide and have been working to reduce the required setbacks needed. Expect to review the plan shortly. The
SE17 Transit Team is finalizing the cross section and urban design. Once we have details you will be the first to know and you will have every opportunity to comment on the plan as a key stakeholder. This is happening and it will be good!

More details regarding GreenTRIP can be found here!

Have a great long weekend!

Best Regards,

Alison Karim-McSwiney

Executive Director – International Avenue BRZ