Honens ’15 Encore Concert at artBOX on 17E – Sept. 9/15

It was quite an inspiring afternoon at artBOX on 17E today! We experienced the works of two masterful artists: pianist and conductor Yoon-Jee Kim and visual artist Yeonok Sul!

A Honens semi-finalist, Kim performed three pieces for us this afternoon, the first being a Haydn / Alkan piece titled “Andate from Symphony No. 94 in G Major ‘Surprise’ H1/94”. The second was Beethoven’s “Sonata No. 32 in C Minor Op.111”. Wrapping up the afternoon, Kim play a series of colourful preludes by Alexander Scriabin, which cycled through all the different musical keys!

Accompanying Kim’s performance was the artwork of Yeonok Sul. Photographs of her artwork can be seen below.

Artwork by Yeonok Sul

If you wish to contact Yeonok in regards to her work, her contact information is listed below:

Phone: 403-889-7480
Email: motive908@gmail.com
Ktalk: motive9080

Honens will be posting photos from the event later on, which we will be sharing with you all when they become available.

The final performances of the Honens Festival and Piano Competition will be held at the Jack Singer Concert Hall this Thursday and Friday! Tickets to the event can be purchased by calling the Honens box office at 403-299-0140. More information regarding the finals can be found here!

On behalf of the International Avenue BRZ, we would like to thank everyone who came out this afternoon!

We’ll see you on the Avenue!

– Your friends at the International Avenue BRZ