Self-Teaching Experience Primary Motivation for PoleJunkies’ Founder

PoleJunkies founder Alena Downs

What originally started as a nickname in the pole dance community soon became the name of founder Alena Downs’ alternative boutique fitness studio.

Prior to starting PoleJunkies, Downs was an exotic entertainer. Her 15-year long career has taken her all over the world.

2003 marked a huge milestone for Downs, as she was crowned with many titles, claiming her as one of the best entertainers and pole performers in Canada. Her stage show drew national attention across the country.

What makes this accomplishment even more impressive? She’s self-taught!

During her travels, Downs offered classes to dancers and everyday women on Sundays in every city that she could. As her practice grew, so did the need for this art of alternative fitness to be brought into attention of the public eye!

The transition from entertainer to educator was an eye opener for Downs. It made her realize the inadequacy of self-teaching when it came to the pole, which was the principal motivation for PoleJunkies’ conception in 2004.

“People can hurt themselves if they don’t learn proper technique.” said Downs “It’s scary!”

Alena’s Who’s Who Publisher’s Top 100 Female Executives Award

Downs also founded PFIC in 2007, a commission that offers pole and aerial fitness instructor certifications and workshops to ensure proper technique was indeed being taught across the country.

Since then, Downs has completed a Diploma of Human Anatomy to better understanding the mechanics of the human body. She was also given the honor as Forensic Expert in the pole fitness industry with the Court of Queen’s Bench. Downs was also named as one of Who’s Who Publisher’s Top 100 Female Executives.

The same desire to provide adequate teaching to her students has also inspired Downs to provide curriculums & business plans to other entrepreneurs starting up their own studios.

From instructing classes to franchising locations, Alena Downs has demonstrated incredible flexibility in her industry, both on and off the pole. “My hope is that [what I offer at PoleJunkies] becomes a standard in the pole dance industry for safety and functioning programming.”

PoleJunkies is a alternative fitness studio that offers more than just classes in pole dance. They also offer classes in aerial yoga, cardio, conditioning, and strength training! To learn more about Alena, PoleJunkies, and the complete listing of classes they offer, visit the PoleJunkies website! Be sure to follow PoleJunkies on Facebook and Twitter!