5 Uzbekistan Dishes to Know About Before Going to Begim Uzbek Cuisine

This month, for the first time ever in Alberta, an Uzbekistan restaurant will be making its grand opening, we are extremely excited to say that International Avenue is the new home of this new establishment!

About Begim

Begim (Pronounced “Big M”) Uzbek Cuisine will be opening its doors later this month.

They are a family run restaurant that will delight the tastebuds. Whether you try the tokosh, somosa, mohora, or the kebab, you can’t go wrong; it all is delicious and unique.  This restaurant is a welcome addition to the International Avenue family and the only one of its kind in western Canada.

They are located at 4413 17 Ave SE, the same place where the recently closed down 303 Fusion Kitchen used to be. You can call to make a reservation at 587-353-4413.

Below are some Work in Progress shots of the restaurant:

Work in Progress Shot of Bigem Uzbek Cuisine RestaurantWork in Progress Shot of Bigem Uzbek Cuisine Restaurant

What Kind of Dishes to Expect

Not very many people know about the kind of ingredients or flavours are involved in the makings of Uzbek cuisine.

We haven’t gotten the chance to see Begim’s menu just yet, however, we did a little bit of research on Uzbek food practices & dishes.

We can’t guarantee that all of these dishes will appear on their menu once they open, but it will give you a general sense as to what some of their dishes are and what ingredients they include.

Palov/Plov (Pronounced “Pilaf”)

Photo source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilaf
Osh pilov pilaf
Palov, which can also be known as Osh (Pronounced “Oi-sh”), is Uzbekistan’s national dish. It is a main course dish, typically made with fried rice, meat, carrots, and onions.

Lagman Soup (Pronounced “Lac-Mahn”)

Photo source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Uzbek_dishes
Lagman Soup
If you taste buds are craving a bit of flavour, give this spicy soup dish a try. Think of this dish as the Central Asian version of “ramen”. The ingredients in this dish typically consisted of a spicy, meaty broth filled with chunks of lamb, handspun noodles, and vegetables.

Achichuk Salad (Pronounced “A-shi-shook”)

Photo source: http://talerka.tv/recept/uzbekistan/achichuk
achichuk salad
If you’re looking for a light and/or vegetarian option to try, give the Achichuk Salad a go! It is a onion and tomato salad seasoned with various different spices.

Samsa (Pronounced “Some-sah”)

Photo source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Uzbek_dishes
A triangular dough pastry baked in a tandoor oven, resulting in the dough being simultaneously crunchy and super-soft. The pastries can be filled with a variety of different things, including ground lamb, herbs, and even sometimes pumpkin.

Tea & Sweets

Photo source: http://www.tea-terra.ru/2013/07/04/2030/
Tea and Sweets
Uzbekistan loves its tea, especially green tea! Be sure to order some to complete your first Uzbekistan cuisine experience!

Now that you have an idea of what kind of dishes to expect, stay tuned as we unveil more details about Begim Uzbek Cuisine!

For further reading into the food, customs, and culture of Uzbekistan, check out this article!