17 Avenue SE – Phase 1 Construction Update

Tree Removals/Site Amenities Removal

Standard General (SG) will be starting the removal of trees and site amenities on April 3, 2017. SG is aware of the BRZ tree transplanting program and will leave the trees marked with the green ribbon.

Traffic Signals switchover from permanent to temporary will follow the below schedule:

Changeover of Permanent to Temp Traffic signals Date
33 Street SE 1-Apr-2017
36 Street SE 8-Apr-2017
50 Street SE 22-Apr-2017
52 Street SE 29-Apr-2017
44 Street SE 6-May-2017

Traffic Detour Setup

The first traffic detour is planned for the weekend of April 14, 2017 between 30 and 36 Street

The bus shelters and stops on the North side of the roadway between 30 and 36 Street will be moved to a temporary location within the traffic detouring.

47 Street – Hubalta Road Traffic Detour is tentatively planned for the first week in May 2017 (Exact weekend to be confirmed.)

Project Construction Updates

The project team is working on the first construction update and will be issued next week.