Fritou Chicken Does More than Just Chicken

This past week, we paid a visit to Fritou Chicken, a Canadian chicken restaurant chain that made its International Avenue debut this past December.

Parul at Fritou Chicken Welcomes You
Parul at Fritou Chicken

The Meal

During our visit, we tried the popular Chicken Burger Combo with a Poutine Side ($12.33).

Fritou's Chicken Burger Combo with a Poutine Side

About Fritou

Originating in the province of Québec in 1993, Fritou Chicken has locations scattered all across Canada; its first Alberta establishment opened in 2003.

A National Chain with an International Avenue Flair!

So what makes this location different from the rest of the Fritou Chicken locations? It’s the menu!

Fritou Chicken's Localized Menu
Fritou Chicken Forest Lawn’s Localized Menu has an International Avenue Flair

Not only does Fritou provide its standard Fritou Chicken fare, but it allows owners and cooks the freedom to create their own menu items that are exclusive only to their location; a great entrepreneurial initiative on Fritou’s part.

We were pretty excited to see pizza, Halal, and other International options available on their localized menu. Even the tasty spicy sauce that came with the Chicken Burger was a special recipe created by Parul’s grandmother.

The Special Chicken Burger Sauce
The Tasty Spicy Sauce for Fritou’s Chicken Burger is Parul’s Grandmother Recipe; no other Fritou Chicken location provides it

Long story short, no other Fritou Chicken location will offer a menu like the one here.

When we spoke with the manager, we learned that he was born and raised in the Greater Forest Lawn area. In fact, we were excited to learn that his father’s first job back in the 1980s was at International Avenue’s well beloved Gunther’s Fine Baking! Talk about a small world!

Elizabeth at Gunther's
Fritou Chicken’s owner said his father’s first job was with co-owners Elizabeth Stranzinger (pictured here) and her husband Gunther at Gunther’s Fine Baking in the 1980s. The couple has own and have been operating the independent baking shop since 1970

Fritou Chicken’s Contact Information

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Address: 3719 17 Avenue SE
Phone: (587) 356-0700