Differenz Trenz Makeover Contest

As construction peaks, some of the local businesses on International Avenue decided to take action and come up with a fun way to help out the business community. Althea Clarke from Differenz Trenz Hair Salon & Spa (#5, 5315 17 Avenue SE) teamed up with the International Avenue BRZ to create a fall makeover package, won by Cynthia Sultana. Congrats!

We worked together to come up with a makeover package that highlights some (but not all) of the beauty/fashion businesses on the Ave, including:

The multitalented Althea also suggested filming the entire process using her production connections, Island Tea with Althea. Now we can share and distribute the promotional footage to all of our social media circles. This collaborative project is a perfect example of taking initiative, working as a community, and having fun in the process. We can’t wait to share the final product. Stay tuned!