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  • International Avenue - Moges at Fassil's Restaurant
    Moges at Fassil's Restaurant
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    Kartini and Family at Indonesian Kitchen
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    Blossom and Josephine at Krazy Jerk

Where You Can Go Around the World in 35 Blocks

International Avenue is a vibrant business district with a diverse ethnic composition located on 17th Avenue S.E., from 26 to 61st streets, in Calgary. There is an interesting mix of business representative of the cosmopolitan neighbourhoods surrounding the Avenue. It is an area of one-stop shopping with access to a selection of restaurants and grocery stores from around the world, as well as a wide range of other retail goods and services.

The Clock

The street clock on International Avenue was unveiled on October 3, 2008. Please note it is  currently being repaired.

Business Directory

Browse through our directory of stores and services here on 17th Ave.

Special Events

Come view our year events and see why we're called International Avenue.