artBOX on 17E

artBOX on 17E

Has this happened to you?

It’s your turn to host a meeting for your community organization, or perhaps it’s a meeting with a potential client. Hosting at home has proven troublesome. You have booked some space (more expensive than you thought), and it doesn’t have the feeling you were looking for. As you set up the coffee maker (which you brought from home) you realize you forgot the cream.

Greater Forest Lawn has an amazing opportunity, fostering local business development and creating a vibrant community space. ArtBOX cowork hub is a diverse space that will provide a range of services to suit your needs, allow you to interact with others and share resources.

How it Works

artBOX on 17E will be a co-operative and will provide services to its members. Providing drop-in and long-term work spaces for small businesses and community organizations in Greater Forest Lawn is our primary service.

This could be used for teaching an art class, expanding a home-based business, or holding an event.

Along with access to space, artBOX on 17E will seek to provide a number of essential services for groups and individuals who use the space. Services such as:

  • Printing
  • Stationery supplies
  • Internet
  • Storage
  • Seminars
  • Group buying (insurance, bookkeeping etc.)
  • Coffee
  • and much more…

Shared space and services reduces costs and creates added benefits:

  • Access to lower prices for essential service; ability to purchase only what you need (e.g. one hour rental for a one hour meeting)
  • Smaller groups benefit from the buying power of the entire group/larger members
  • Savings of time and resources means being able to focus attention on primary goals, have more free time
  • Creates opportunities to collaborate and work on projects together

Why A Co-operative?

Co-operatives are found in all parts of the economy and in the delivery of social services. They are created to meet a need, and are owned and controlled by the people who use them. Co-operatives encourage use, collaboration, and maximize the efficiency of the resources.

The people who use the space have a say in ensuring resources are optimized. This could mean being open earlier in the morning, or bringing in a training course.


Membership is voluntary and open to anyone who uses the space and supports the goals of the space.

Members are able to run for and elect the board of directors. The board sets out the strategic vision for the Co-op as well as ensures financial accountability and responsibility. The board also hires staff to carry out the goals of the co-op. Members can also be involved though participating in committees and volunteering in the space.

Membership means having a say, and being a participant in the activities of the co-op (using the space). When people get involved great things happen!

Become a part of artBOX on 17E’s Co-Working Creative Space!

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What is artBOX on 17E?

artBOX on 17E is located at 1807 42 Street SE or just on 17th at 42 Street on International Avenue.  It is a project that will increase arts activity in Greater Forest Lawn (GFL) and support for artists living and/or working in GFL with large affordable exhibition/presentation space.

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We welcome possibilities. Proposals from artists and organizations will be given greater consideration if they include one or more of the following outcomes:

  • High level of participation from local artists or community members
  • Increased participation of artists, organizations and GFL community members from diverse ethnic/cultural backgrounds
  • Benefits local businesses or increases economic activity in GFL
  • Provision of mentorship opportunities (not exclusively focused on youth)
  • Increased Community Engagement with the arts (accessible performances/exhibitions, community events or celebrations, community arts activities)

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