artBOX on 17E

artBOX on 17E

Has this happened to you?

It’s your turn to host a meeting for your community organization, or perhaps it’s a meeting with a potential client. Hosting at home has proven troublesome. You have booked some space (more expensive than you thought), and it doesn’t have the feeling you were looking for. As you set up the coffee maker (which you brought from home) you realize you forgot the cream.

Greater Forest Lawn has an amazing opportunity, fostering local business development and creating a vibrant community space. ArtBOX on 17 E was a diverse space that provided a range of services to suit your needs, allow you to interact with others and share resources.  Unfortunately, this space is now closed but opportunities for artists include a makerspace at FUSE33 Makerspace opening in November, 2017 at 1720 Radisson Drive SE.  Artists, makers, artisans, inventors, entrepreneurs are all welcome.  Contact them here:

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What is artBOX on 17E?

artBOX on 17E was located at 1807 42 Street SE or just on 17th at 42 Street on International Avenue.  It is a project that increased arts activity in Greater Forest Lawn (GFL) and support for artists living and/or working in GFL with large affordable exhibition/presentation space.  Many opportunities will be available for the public art part of the SE17 Transitway.  Stay tuned.  ArtBOX on 17E is now a collective of local artists who continue to hold functions and exhibits throughout the area.  Contact Ann at 403-252-6795.