Pacific Hut Restaurant & Bake Shop

3223 17 Avenue SE
Pacific Hut located at 3223 17th Avenue S.E. serves the craving for fine authentic Filipino foods that appeals not only to Filipinos but to other cultures as well.  Our food served is a reflection of the different mixtures of influences: Malay-Polynesian, Spanish, Chinese, Indian and American and enjoying our food will always take you through Philippine history and ethnic diversity. 

At Pacific Hut Restaurant and Bakeshop customers are our greatest asset.  Every time a customer visits us, we strive to earn the right to serve them over again. We train our staff to do whatever it takes to make sure customers have the best possible experience. A customer never belongs to us, a return visit is assured only if we exceed their expectations and impress them. We believe that Great Food, Great People, Great Place, bring customers to a restaurant. Fast and friendly service keeps them coming back.

We offer high quality of service, excellent food and pleasant atmosphere and represents an ideal Filipino culture with our food.We offer off-site catering, so think of us when you are planning your next party or business event!
(403) 248-2488