International Avenue Design Initiative (IADI)

The IADI is a precursor and catalyst to the  approved City of Calgary land use and transportation document Southeast 17 Avenue Corridor Plan.The International Avenue Design Initiative (IADI) was launched in January 2004 and ended in 2006 as a partnership between the University of Calgary – Faculty of Environmental Design Dept,and the International Avenue BRZ.The partnership was designed to improve the physical environment through a phased implementation strategy.

Aspiring to the great urban streets of the world: Envisioning International Avenue-Charrette One report outlines the transformation of International Avenue (17th Avenue SE corridor and Greater Forest Lawn) and offers a vision of International Avenue over 25 years.

Among a number of strategies identified in the report, two recommendations are key. The first is to establish a clear urban design and transportation strategy for the Avenue which will balance pedestrians and large volumes of traffic through a multi-modal boulevard.

The other to create a series of neighbourhood and urban centres. The plan recommends greater residential density and intense street level activity on the corridor.

The International Avenue Design Initiative (IADI) report “Envisioning International Avenue- Charrette One”, is authored by Dr. Robert Kirby and Gian-Carlo Carra on behalf of the team in late 2004.

It is also the Winner of the Charter Award from the Congress of New Urbanism.

Did you know?

This project was the first community charrette undertaken in Calgary. If you wish to view some more information regarding the Design Initiative, you can download them below.

CNU Academic Charter Awards 2005 – Submission Drawing #1
CNU Academic Charter Awards 2005 – Submission Drawing #2