Shopping Hints

Uniqueness is here in Forest Lawn!

There are many one-of-a-kind businesses that you will find along 17th Avenue SE. The cultural and ethnic diversity brings an array of products that are hard to find around Calgary. Food items from all over the continent attract foodies and cooks to International Avenue to discover and try new ingredients. Cooking utensils that help to authenticate your dining experience can be found in many of the grocery stores on the Ave. It’s amazing what a little adventure down to International Avenue can turn up.

Why shop local?

Local businesses help support local people, events, and fundraising initiatives. Unique businesses are an integral part of our distinct character. Environmental impact is reduced. More new jobs are provided by local businesses. Customer service is often better. Local business owners invest in the community. Competition and diversity leads to more consumer choices. The list goes on!





The Nile Supermarket and food store is one such intriguing location at 4002 17 Avenue SE.

Try the Somalian coffee with it’s hint of ginger and cinnamon. It’s so refreshing that you don’t even need any milk or sugar, but it’s definitely a treat if you do add it.

Samosas are made with either Halal chicken or beef  and served with three types of sauces. Careful, some of the sauces are spicy.

A great find was the stacked tea pot – a tea pot at the top of a holder, below cups, then a small shelf with saucers all in a handy small holding “condo”.

Somalian women are known for their beauty (think Iman Abdulmajid) but also for their perfume. Many make their own unique blend with jasmine, rose, or orange blossom water.

At the Nile you can also find pretty containers to store your own precious sweet smelling blend.

20 Shops on International Avenue That Will Lower your Carbon Footprint

International Avenue has lots to offer if you are looking to lower your carbon footprint. Consider shopping at one of the many reuse/upcycled shops:

  1. Sector Computers – 3450 17 Avenue SE
  2. Jayson’s Corner – 3714 17 Avenue SE
  3. Value Appliances – 1721 36 Street SE
  4. Harmony Lane Music – 4518 17 Ave SE
  5. Quality Tools/Mantiques Mancave – #146, 1830 52 St SE
  6. Hong’s Tailor – 2889 17 Ave SE
  7. Video Game Trader – #4, 3456 17 Ave SE
  8. Discount Vacuum – 3712 17 Ave SE
  9. Salvation Army – 3012 17 Ave SE
  10. Cash Canada Pawn – 3233 17 Ave SE
  11. Southview Motors – 3419 17 Ave SE
  12. Chinook Auto Sales – 1739 50 Street SE
  13. Calgary Used Cars – 1827 36 St SE
  14. House of Van Gogh- #102, 5430 17 Ave SE

Pro Shoe Repair – Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Many of us are growing increasingly concerned about our carbon footprint on the planet.

Pro Shoe Repair on International Avenue offers many different options to repurpose items such as shoes, leather jackets, and hats; this allows us to keep items we love too much to simply throw away, while reducing our environmental impact on the planet.

Pro Shoe Repair, located at 3330 17 Ave SE, has made its home on International Avenue for 16 years. Owner Din Rawgi and his wife took over the store from its previous owner in 1997, and have been operating ever since. It is the only store along International Avenue of its kind.

Pro Shoe Repair owner Din Rawgi repairs more than just shoes. He also repairs hats, jackets, and various other pieces of clothing.


Din is quite the handyman, and looks after repairs on clothing of all types. “Leather Jackets are a very popular item to repair, if the jacket is torn or a zipper breaks, I can repair it so it’s like new.”  he says. His wife takes care of alterations and dry cleaning. Pro Shoe Repair is a great one-stop shop to protect, repair and maintain all clothing items.

Pro Shoe Repair is a great place to start reducing our personal environmental impact on the planet, while letting us keep the clothing that we have already fallen in love with.