17 Avenue SE Transitway Revitalization Project

Project Scope and Map

17 Avenue SE Transitway Project Scope and Map


17 Avenue SE Transitway Timeline

Proposed 2017-courtesy of City of Calgary

The BRZ has worked to improve the urban landscape, with the installation of benches and trash receptacles to create a better pedestrian environment. Other short-term improvement projects include development of the mini-park @ 3111 17 Ave SE named Unity Park, and the over 300 trees planted in 1998- 2000 under the “Putting the Forest in Forest Lawn” program throughout the 17th Avenue SE area.

To ensure the longevity of trees, special pits were designed to ensure the maximum amount of soil for the benefit of life of the trees.  This innovative work is now standard City policy pioneered right here in IA.

Pictured here are Don Hickey, City Parks, Malcolm Ho-You, City Planning and Alison Karim-McSwiney, BRZ circa:2000

The BRZ office continues to purchase  thousands of flowers annually to beautify the area, designed and maintains Unity Park at 3111 17 Ave SE and co-ordinates a graffiti and litter abatement project. IN addition we are circulated on all development permits and land use redesignations.  We continue to raise the community standards.

Site amenities have been installed over the years.

Here are some improvements made.

36 Street
Before After
41 Street
Before After

In 2004- 2005, the BRZ partnered with the Faculty of Environmental Design at the U of C to create a “state of the art”, award winning urban design plan called Envisioning International Avenue(see Design Initiative for more). This then led to the next stage of the process working with the City to upgrade the planning documents for the area.

The BRZ along with the community worked with the City of Calgary to develop a corridor strategy for International Avenue after in 2007-2010.

Vision and guiding principles include:

1. Create an Attractive, Distinctive, Multicultural Community,

2. Create Memorable and Inviting Public Places,

3.Create a Mulit-modal Boulevard along Southeast 17,

4. Promote Mixed-Use Development,

5. Respect and Enhance Exisiting “High Street” character,

6. Promote Housing Diversity,

7. Strategically Directed Densification,

8. Promote Safety and Walkability,

9. Preserve and Enhance Environmentally Sensitive Areas,

and 10. Promote Innovative, Sustainable Building Design.

To take a look at the SE 17 Corridor Plan

The Urban Design and Transportation Plan was approved in July, 2010 at City Council.   City Council on November 14, 2011 has approved the project for GreenTRIP funding.